Grocery Store Chaos

Grocery Store Chaos

One of my most dreaded tasks each week is grocery store shopping (who’s with me on this?).  This time of year grocery shopping can take forever as most wives and mothers (including me) try desperately to start better habits of cooking for our families.  The aisles and even checkout lines get packed.  I think some of these stores have added the jewelry and clothes as a way to make it seem better but when I’m in there all I can think about is getting out as fast as I can.  Unless I see a friend, and then I might chat a minute or two or ten.

But what can make or break any grocery store visit is a list.  Without a list, I seemingly wander the aisles hoping for inspiration of what to cook for dinner, hoping to make some healthy choices, trying to remember what was in the pantry, going back and forth searching for the right ingredients.  It really feels like chaos.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who sometimes poorly plans for these visits.

But when I have thoughtfully prepared and planned beforehand for this task and come armed with a list, I have a real sense of purpose, I’m on task, I’m marking items off as I go, and although I might go rogue on a few items (ice cream, maybe), for the most part I’m focused.  I might even have a coupon or two (doubt it).  But you get it.  This way is so much better!

This grocery store reflection made me think how this applies to the time that I spend with the Lord each day.  When I make time for Him, He gives me a real sense of purpose, He keeps me focused, He helps me make good decisions (which may not include the ice cream), and even gives me a sense of joy going through the good and bad aisles of life.  And just as seeing a friendly face in the store can make any visit better, having my forever friend by my side makes this life worth living.

My prayer is that we would invite Christ into our lives each and every day.  That we would have a deep desire to spend time with Him in prayer, in studying His Word, in worshiping, in listening for His precious voice.  That we would allow Him to plan our days and guide our ways.

His way is so much better!

See you in the checkout line,

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