Monthly Archives: May 2015

Soul Nutrition

I’ve been doing some taste testing recently of meal replacement shakes.  It is pretty incredible the way they can pack so much nutritional value in one drink.  It can contain all the vitamins, minerals, and substances your body needs for … Continue reading

A Teachable Spirit

I have no doubt my children are blessings from the Lord.  Not because they are perfect or because they have it all figured out.  I’m crazy about them for so many reasons, but an extra blessing is what the Lord … Continue reading

Keeping Your Balance

In an effort to get in better shape, I have recently tried to learn the practice of yoga.  As easy and relaxing as the yoga exercises might appear when watching others, I’m beginning to have a better understanding that these stretching and … Continue reading

Gifts My Mother Gave Me

It has been said that we are our mother’s daughters and for that I am grateful.  So many of the shared special moments that I recall from my childhood are the exact same ones I have created with my own … Continue reading