Monthly Archives: December 2014

A Christmas Run

Reading back over Luke 2 this morning. Just can’t read enough about the birth of Jesus this week. Keep coming back to one word – running. After the angels appeared to the shepherds and told them about Jesus, scripture says … Continue reading

A Christmas Story

Christmas Day.  A day set aside to spend time with family, huddled around a Christmas tree, opening presents, eating large meals, and watching “A Christmas  Story” all day and night long on TV.  In fact, I read where playing this … Continue reading

Christmas Guests

Tis’ the season for Christmas entertaining! It really is fun this time of year to celebrate with friends and family.  And there isn’t much that I enjoy more than having people sit around my table enjoying each other’s company.  However, … Continue reading

Christmas Trees

Several times a week, I drive through a neighborhood that contains a peculiar site.  Among the many homes that all look fairly similar, one home tends to stand out among the rest.  This home looks like every other one on … Continue reading