Monthly Archives: August 2014

Passenger’s Seat Perspective

My 15 year old son is learning to drive.  I truly have no idea how we got to this point.  Seems like just yesterday he was playing with matchbox cars on the carpet and making car sounds with his mouth. … Continue reading

A Bend in the Road

There is a path near my home that has hills, valleys, some flat spots, and lots and lots of curves.  This makes for a challenging run or bike ride because you never know for sure what is around the bend. This … Continue reading

Getting Off the Fence

Here’s something great about reading the Bible.  We can read the same set of scriptures hundreds of times, and God can still reveal something new to us through them.  Truly, how inspiring is that?  This happened recently to me when … Continue reading

Power Walking

I’m a huge fan of products that offer the ability to simplify my life, help me to be more efficient, and perhaps feel less frazzled.  When Siri came out on the iPhone, I was excited about what she might be able … Continue reading