Monthly Archives: June 2014

Bloom Where Planted

  Traveling to visit my parents this weekend. Along the way, I noticed all these beautiful wildflowers growing along the side of the interstate. Sure seems like they would be better served in a garden where they could be more … Continue reading

Finding Treasure

This last weekend I tagged along with my neighbor to an estate sale down the street. On the way there, I started thinking about what I might find at the sale. My focus was undoubtedly upon acquiring some “treasure.” But … Continue reading

When Christ’s Clock Seems to Run Slow

  We place our hope, our trust, our faith in Christ.  We turn over our requests, worries, sorrows, and burdens to Him.  And then we wait. Wait for an answer.  Wait for God to show us the way.  Wait for … Continue reading

A Big Fish Tale

  Fishing has become my son’s biggest passion in life.  While at the beach this year with family friends, he caught a big fish!  Through the amazing abilities of technology, we were even able to face time him from home … Continue reading